Some videos from old Sony cameras. Later, I switched to Sony HDR-FX1. This was the first HDV camera with 3 CCD which supported 1080i . But still we had DV tapes (magnetic), which was a pain to record it via video card to get it digitized on the PC.

Longboard Cruisen

Video recorded in 2008

Trailer 02

First published in 2000. The message 'trailer' is still valid, after almost 20 years. The final video will come. Some day.

Stay tuned.

With footage from historic spots in Erfurt, Mühlhausen (XXL Funpark) and Seebach (Das Plätzchen ;-) )

Skaters i...

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Trailer 01

The first trailer to something big, published in 1999. I think title effect was done with Liquid Edition.

Skaters in order of appearance: Helge, Chris, Steffen, Nico, Stephan